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Extensive recipe and food directory

All you need to know about Greek eating and cooking and maybe more…

About Greek traveling, food and more

More about Greek recipes

All about Greek Gourmet…

If you love greek food and wish to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, my recipe pages will fill your kitchen with the aromas of this delightful cuisine.

Acting as an ambassador brand, Kerasma will encompass the core values of Greek lifestyle: enjoying good food, drinking fabulous wines and beverages and sharing rare moments with family and friends.

Catering & Event Planner Directory

Wedding and Party Network

Gowns, favors, vendors, registry directory and more

All About Greek Wine, a joint venture of twenty five of the most prestigious wineries of Greece, is dedicated to promoting top quality Greek wine in the North American market.

Most restaurants are proud of their wine, though not all the restaurants make of the world of Greek wine, a world that is just starting to be discovered.

Excellent vacation/honeymoon planners

The Opa Way is a new approach to "Living and Working with Meaning" that is uniquely inspired by Greek philosophy and culture.

Help on losing weight naturally without pills or supplements. Provides a holistic approach to all the areas important to burning body fat, from exercise and nutrition to the correct mind-set.

Get your free online diet journal and start tracking your foods, exercises, weight loss, and goals. Join over 2 Million FitDay members using our site to take control of their diet and lose weight.

The development of cetacean research aiming at the conservation of dolphins and whales and their natural habit in both Greece and the Mediterranean.

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